• Mountain Lion
  • Mule Deer
  • Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Antelope

Mountain Lion

Our Mountain Lion hunts are conducted in the Western portion of the state.

Following these big cats, with hounds, will take you into some of the most beautiful country that you will ever see.

Whether the chase is short, or long, the whole experience is very exciting. Making sure that you are physical prepared will make the hunt much more enjoyable.

Mule Deer

We hunt Mule Deer in the Northwest region of Nevada, which is in the heart of Big Buck country. Whether you are chasing the big velvet racks of the archery season, or the hard horns during the muzzleloader, or rifle seasons, you will have a fantastic time, and see many deer.

Nevada has an early separate tag drawing for non-residents who utilize a guide. This restricted non-resident guided hunt will give you a better opportunity of being drawn.

These applications are out the first part of February, and due by early March. These applications must be filled out, and signed by you, then sent to the guide for his signature.


Rocky Mountain Elk

The Elk population in Nevada is very strong, but is limited to certain areas in central and eastern Nevada.

If you should draw one of these coveted tags, you should be ready for a hunt of a lifetime. Whether you draw a tag for the rut, or the later hunts, you will have a great opportunity to harvest a trophy bull.


California and Desert Bighorn Sheep

The California Bighorn populations have really expanded their range over the last 10 years, and are found in many units in this Western region.

Nevada has a very strong Desert Bighorn population with many great sheep coming out of the Western region. The number of tags given out in the Western region is limited, but the sheep taken are always of exceptional quality.


Pronghorn Antelope

Our Pronghorn hunts are also conducted in the Northwest region of the state. This portion of the state produces many Boone and Crocket / Pope and Young heads every year.

We hunt these speedsters by either the use of blinds, or by glassing the rolling sagebrush flats, and then stalking in on these elusive animals. During archery, or rifle season, the weather conditions are very mild.

Mountain Lion


Mountain Goat


Mountain Lion