Guide Service

The Head Master, Inc. is a small but experienced personalized outfitting and guide service. Taking only a limited number of hunters each year, allows us to pay personal attention to each hunter. The outdoors is our passion and we want everyone that shares in that passion to have a memorable experience.

We hunt the Northwest region of Nevada, the terrain varies from rim rock lined sagebrush flats to higher sagebrush bowls, to mountain mahogany and pinion juniper ridges. This portion of the state produces many Boone and Crocket, Pope and Young, and Nevada Wildlife Record Book records every year.


Come and enjoy the beautiful wildlife and sites that Nevada has to offer.


Email with questions, comments or references.


Archery • Muzzleloader • Rifle

Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Rocky Mountain Elk, Desert, California & Rocky Bighorn Sheep